Status of Basketball

Researching the internet (google search: most popular sport in X) about the most popular sports in each European country we came to the following conclusions:

In three countries basketball is a national sport (Lithuania, Serbia and Estonia) while three further countries are putting basketball on a similar level of importance (or just underneath) with soccer (Greece, Turkey and Spain).


  • 5 points (Lithuania, Serbia, Estonia, Greece, Turkey, Spain)
  • 4 points (Russia, Italy, Germany, France, Israel, Poland, Iceland, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Latvia, North Macedonia)
  • 3 points (Czech Republic, Sweden, Romania, Netherlands, Cyprus)
  • 2 points (Belgium, Finland, Ukraine, Denmark, Bulgaria, Portugal, Luxembourg)
  • 1 point (Switzerland, UK, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Georgia, Norway, Belarus, Ireland, Albania, Moldova)