League Budgets (2020/21/22)

Estimates and calculations

Very little information about true budgets is easy to find on the internet. The French L'Equipe and the LNB have published exact numbers of all the Pro A and Pro B teams as well as all EuroLeague teams for the previous season. Another source gives estimated budgets of the top 3 tiers in Europe. A German forum discussion provided us with estimates for the German Bundesliga and the 2nd tier.

Given this information we have put up a close estimate for the rest of the leagues in Europe by a simple calculation formula which we have checked with the real numbers from the French LNB and the estimates from the German forum. The result was that we came very close to the real average numbers of the leagues.

What we did was the following: We took the numbers that we had from the European contenders (without the EuroLeague teams) as a total and generally took that number to estimate the overall budget of the rest of the respective national league. 

This worked very well for the top budget leagues. But for average team budgets of 1M Euros and less, we could only estimate by quality of the league and some hear-say or known numbers that we gathered.

In the cases of the top leagues we came to the following Budget results (average budget per team):

  1. VTB 13.98M
  2. ACB 12.62M
  3. BSL 12.47M
  4. Serie A 8.48M
  5. BBL 7.01M
  6. A1 Greece 6.2M
  7. Pro A France 6.2M
  8. ABA 5.3M
  9. Winner League 5.3M
  10. LKL 3.3M
  11. Pro B France 2.5M
  12. Euromillions BEL 1.7M
  13. EBL Poland 1.6M
  14. NBL CZE 917k-1M

For all the other leagues we could only make estimates based on quality of the league, hear-say information and insider knowledge.


  1. 1M (A Div. HUN, BIBL, ROM)
  2. 800k-1M (ABA 2, Superleague UKR
  3. 500-800k (Serie A2, Pro A GER, LEB Gold, NBL BUL, OPAP, Koris, Ligaen, DBL, LPB, Basketligan, BSL AUT, SBL SVK)
  4. 200-500k (SBL SUI, TBL, Superliga GEO, Dominos, BBL UK, BLNO, National League, Liga Nova, Div1 Bih, Erste MNE, Superliga KOS, EstLat)
  5. rest is under 200k

Sources: https://www.hoops.com.au/forum/46318-european-basketball-club-budgets-2019-20-season-us