In this section we will explain each criteria individually and how we are rating each league and why.

The biggest criteria of the ranking. For the Top 10 Teams of our league ranking, this criteria makes on average 83% of the overall number of points, whereas for the rest of the leagues it makes 33% on average of the overall points.

Except from some of the top leagues, most other leagues don't provide a lot of official information about budgets. We have found some estimates of the teams in the top 3 European tiers on which we tried to base our estimate for the ranking.

Many leagues have official attendance numbers, while others have either estimates or no numbers at all. In those leagues we have made estimates based on the arena capacity and the popularity of the sport in that country in general.

High Pay TV deals, free TV coverage, or just internet live-streams? No coverage at all?

FIBA BAT procedures reduce the points of the leagues involved. With official numbers from the FIBA Migration reports we can try to establish the financial security of the leagues.

In this section we have checked how popular the sport of basketball is in each country. The status of basketball is also a value for our estimate of attendance in certain countries with less official numbers.

It is our opinion that the best leagues have less limitation for import players as this opens the market for everybody and levels up the quality of the league. Also young talents will learn a lot more from good imports in weaker leagues than from weak locals. A good league consists of strong locals, too, which is why the next criteria is just as important.

A good league is not only measured by imports but also by locals. Good local players reflect strong national teams. Good locals in 2nd national tiers speak for a good youth national team and vice versa.

How many players have been drafted from a league in the past 5 years? This is a very important number to determine the visibility and appeal of the league which makes it more interesting for young prospects.

Our personal opinion about the appeal for viewers of each league.