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The Ranking System

Here is how we came to the results.

This is the League Ranking of European Basketball Leagues in January 2021. We have considered the last five seasons and numerous criteria in order to reach a graspable result which is as objective as it can be.

The FIVE-Year Coefficient is based on each team's success during a period of five years. Each team's success is linked to their respective national or regional league. In a nutshell, teams collect points for their league with every European appearance, round they reach or title win.

Besides the FIVE-Year Coefficient we have established 9 further criteria points which help us create a very objective league ranking. Mind that some of the criteria points can only be a mere estimate based as there is no correct source available to us for everything. This is why our E-Mail address and YOU, the reader of FIVE Magazine and this website, are significant tools in providing official information which we couldn't find mostly owing to language barriers. 

Each league depends on its European competitors success first. Within the FIVE-Year Coefficient the top European playing tier quadroubles all points, the second tier triples them, the third tier doubles them and the fourth tier is worht single points.

Here is our E-Mail address if you wish to help us be even more precise with our league ranking.

A quick overview of our sources.